Wintertime here in Pennsylvania can be very hard on your Ford F-150, your Ford Explorer or whatever you drive. It can also be a time when there's plenty of ice and snow on the roads and driving can be dangerous. That's why we encourage our customers from communities like Northern Cambria and Cresson, PA to see us for a wintertime checkup so we can get your vehicle ready for cold weather. Here are just a few of the things we can do.

Get your battery checked for frigid temperatures

As we've already seen this winter, temperatures here around Colver, PA can can reach zero or even lower during winter months. Those extreme weather conditions make it hard for your battery to start your car and can hasten the day when it no longer starts your vehicle at all. One of the factory-trained technicians in our service center can run a load test to see if your battery has enough juice. If you need a new battery, we can install one for you.

Have us check your tires so they're ready for slicker surfaces

When you drive from Northern Cambria on PA-553 East to the service center at Luther Ford Ebensburg, we can inspect the tread depth on your tires. It's important that you have enough tread depth to safely navigate the rainy, snowy roadways you'll encounter in winter months. If your tires are starting to wear out, we have excellent new tires in stock from famous name brands, all in a variety of available prices and warranties.

Allow us to do a wheel alignment

Winter weather isn't just hard on your car: It's also hard on the roads. Big potholes can develop and if you hit one of them, it could knock your car out of alignment. That will make your steering less accurate and on slippery surfaces, it can be downright hazardous. We can do a wheel alignment that will help you steer more accurately and safely. Schedule an appointment and ask about all our winterization services at Luther Ford Ebensburg in Ebensburg PA.

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